By Dirty Gregy aka Magnum
Written April 25, 2015
The scariest thing in this movie is its opening scene. PERIOD. This sequel had a lot of promise given how good the first one was, but the writers dropped the ball. First, the contortion effects and the special FX in general are non existent in this movie. Second, the actual exorcism lasts 5 minutes before the group bails. Third, if you decide that the girl is the backstory of the sequel then the movie then you MUST show us a demon. LE2 gets the award for biggest waste of time. I'd rather have seen the killing than blood splatter on windows suggesting she ripped into her victims. Sheeesh!!!
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By bigbook_05
Written August 20, 2014
This movie was probably the all time worst "so-called" horror film that I have ever seen EVER. Started slowed, stupid plot, and ended SUPER ridiculous. Seriously, read this review and save yourself and whoever your going to the movies with some money. It's not worth laying an eye on.
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Should have been straight to video

By jhs39
Written March 02, 2013
The original film was a mostly smart horror movie with a really dumb ending. This sequel basically expands the dumb ending into a whole film. TLE2 follows what happens to the girl who was possessed in the first film as she tries to move on with her life. Ashley Bell gives an impressively committed performance but you can see her struggling to overcome the bad material very much like her character in the film struggles to escape the clutches of the demon that still wants her. In both cases the effort is ultimately futile. This movie is seriously terrible, but not in a so bad it's good way (except for the ending which is pretty amusing). It's just boring and dumb with no scares and very few ideas, good or bad. Bell manages to make you root for her character, but she's the lone bright spot in a movie that never should have gotten a theatrical release in the first place.
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You have to evaluate this film on your own.

By schwartzm9039
Written May 25, 2015
The title is tricky as this film has nothing to do with exorcism, but it's exact opposite; that of conjuring and bringing the demonic into our three-dimensional space time continuum. If you do not have knowledge of demonology, black-magic, Christianity, deliverance ministry, and exorcism ritual proper, then you will be on the outside of the film looking in and saying, "what the heck is this." If your atheist, or a non-believer, or all of the above, then you may be bored to tears. Conversely, if you are involved in deliverance ministry and spiritual warfare, then this film will help you to understand how humans are a doorway species for demonic entities. If you are a master practitioner of the dark arts, then of course you will love his movie. Very tricky depending on your knowledge. It is scary all right and you will be clutching your rosary beads and saying silent Hail Mary's so you do not go home with a nasty demon.
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By noahcross
Written June 03, 2015
I thought thew movie was interesting but hard to understand if you haven't seen the first. I personally don't like the exorcism stuff, but this movie wasn't terrifying. I wouldn't bring a young child to see this movie because some events are very disturbing.
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