By mobxracer5150
Written October 01, 2016
sucked. don't waste your money. believe that
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Just ok. Kind of slow and not as scary as the first

By marteguy1
Written March 11, 2013
If you go, see the cheaper matinee show - or wait for DVD. It was an ok followup if you saw the first. The first was a lot better and much scarier.
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Worse than the first one!

By datflybody71
Written March 01, 2013
I thought the first one was a bad film with great acting, so I would have hoped that they at least fixed the story for the sequel. My mistake! Isn't a horror movie supposed to be scary, original, and actually creep you out? This movie did none of those things. The only great thing about this film is Ashley Bell and her amazing acting, the rest of it should be erased from all cinemas. AVOID THIS FILM AT ALL COSTS! I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER!
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Lacked Depth and....Everything Else

By christopheroadebayo
Written March 04, 2013
By no means am I a movie critic, but this movie just missed on pretty much everything level. I no real story line, no real plot (or maybe I just missed it). Yes it did have some "Frightening" moments but for the most part...meeeehhh
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By Cole_Hunt
Written October 22, 2016
A pretty decent movie. Better than the first. If you've seen the first, the second is a must.
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