The Last Exorcism Part 2

By stevendbeard
Written March 02, 2013
This is a crappy sequel to a so-so movie [2010's 'The Last Exorcism' , plus , how can you have a sequel to a movie that has 'The Last' in the title ? Oh yeah , the first one made enough money for what it cost to make it] . Ashley plays the possessed girl from the first movie that is now trying to live a normal life . She has recurring dreams about the earlier events [from the first movie] so she goes to a half-way house/center for people with emotional problems . Muse is the head honcho in charge of the center . When Ashley starts seeing Louis , her dead father , David is called in for his assistance [David is an exorcist] . It's not very scary , more dumb than anything . It's rated "PG-13" for violence and language and has a running time of 1 hour & 28 minutes . I would not buy this on DVD . I would not rent it , either . If you want to see it , wait until it comes to cable .
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the last exorcism part 2

By ryley kai killin
Written March 07, 2013
It was a nice story but I really never saw the first one, so it kind of got me lost but it was cool I can really say iy was a so-so type of movie. If they make another one please tell them to make it better
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The Last Exorcism

By Ms. Nicolette
Written March 25, 2013
It was not as scary as the Part 1 and was no comparison to the very first Exorcism. There was way too much story and not enough scary. I should have made me not want to go to sleep instead I slept like a baby. The writers need to dig in the old movie boxes and find what makes them scared in order to write something that will scare the bajoobies out of people today!1 I should have waited for this to come on cable!!!!!
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Dont waste your money!

By jjccfmound
Written March 04, 2013
We were excited to go and at the end felt like we needed a refund. What a huge disappointment! We did not think it was scary at all!
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Cliched yet still good

By Taraka
Written March 09, 2013
I'm with a bunch of others on here that I've never been a huge horror movie fan but a friend of mine was in the mood for one this time and the poster with the main woman's body bent like a 2 was very cool and freaky so figured what the heck. It was cliched and predictable for the most part but it had some originality to it as well so I can't put "Oh NO" or "NO" as my grade. I enjoyed some of the thoughtfulness in the direction of the plot and small amount of plot twists. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Muse Watson (Mike Franks in NCIS) as one of the main characters and he was pretty good. I can understand most of the negative comments because, yes, it wasn't very scary at all, but it had its merits to make it a nice movie to watch on a B movie or Halloween movie marathon night...right after laughing at the Blair Witch Project and poking fun at Jason X.
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