not a scary movie at all

By geegee49
Written September 03, 2010
if u want to be scared then dont go see this movie. like a lot of these reviews say its documentary style. the story to me is interesting but left me with no real conclusion like a lot of people. i like hearing other people's view on religions concerning demons which is why i rated the movie so-so. i think mostly everyone rated this movie a Oh No because when u see the trailer, movie posters, and movie summary you're duped into thinking you're going to be gripping onto your partner during the movie cause its soooo terrifying....and its not terrifying at all. Unsolved Mysteries if u ever watched it back in the day is scarier. Oh well this summer hasnt really had too many good movies unlike last summer. Atleast I got 40% off the tix when i saw this movie :-)
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Do not waste your time...

By Havoc571
Written August 27, 2010
This is one of those anticipated films that leave you in complete and utter disappointment. There were no guide lines, just something that was written while some one was on the toilet. I was excited at first because it had Eli Roth's name on it but, I was wrong this time. The ending was GOD awful and left your mind thinking WTF? Too many variables to pick how it should have gone and why it would happen if not just the question why? It would be a great thing to take your girlfriend to if you would like her to cuddle and be with you the rest of the night, otherwise there is no point. There are few movies that I hate with a passion and now this one is top of the list, almost as bad as some of M. Night Shamylan's movies. Was completely unreal and the plot was never found...
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Unlike some "oh no's", I do think this movie....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written August 28, 2010
...had a watchable story,and I WAS interested,until the non-conclusion!!!! There was no ending at all,nothing explained! It appears as if they got someone barely involved in the story to film some half-baked activity to take up more minutes,and call it good.WHICH IT WASN'T. I feel incredibly ripped off. The whole theatre did,at least the people around me.Not scary at all. A couple trailer 'lures' left out. It did have potential to be better than BW or PA. I hated PA,but compared to the disappointing ending of this mistake,I would rather see Pa again!. Do Not Waste Your Money.
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Exactly As Advertised

By DJTREE2 The Sequel
Written August 29, 2010
The advertising for this film lays out exactly what you get from it, the documentation of a preachers final exorcism. If you watched the trailer, or read any print about it, you would have known that it was... ah, forget about it. People are bashing this movie because they weren't scared, or because it was "documentary style", or because it was filmed from the first-person. Research your options before going to the theater if you don't want to be disappointed. The only misleading thing I've seen is the image with Nell seemingly clinging to the walls. In the movie she is atop a bookcase or shelf of some type. The advertise presented the film as a bit of a mystery, and it is. The only thing is it gives you all the answers, but like the good Reverend the movie-goer will likely dismiss them as foolishness. That's the good thing about this movie, it makes you think and examine your beliefs. The tag line about believing in God and the Devil works well for this film.
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this movie really sucked

By Movie geek 1997
Written May 26, 2016
The first time i watched it with my sister i came in where the scary parts were at. Then i watc hed it with my little brother and i realized how the heck did i get freak out by this movie. It was not scary. The begining of the movie you don't even know what is going on until you get to the middle of the movie then you find out this movie sucks. The ending was expected don't go see this movie
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