The Last Exorcism Synopsis
A clergyman (Patrick Fabian) faces the ultimate test of faith when he encounters Satan.
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not a scary movie at all

By geegee49
if u want to be scared then dont go see this movie. like a lot of these reviews say its documentary style. the story to me is interesting but left me with no real conclusion like a lot of people. i...

Do not waste your time...

By Havoc571
This is one of those anticipated films that leave you in complete and utter disappointment. There were no guide lines, just something that was written while some one was on the toilet. I was excited...

Unlike some "oh no's", I do think this movie....

By lovestalentmoviefan
...had a watchable story,and I WAS interested,until the non-conclusion!!!! There was no ending at all,nothing explained! It appears as if they got someone barely involved in the story to film some...

Exactly As Advertised

By DJTREE2 The Sequel
The advertising for this film lays out exactly what you get from it, the documentation of a preachers final exorcism. If you watched the trailer, or read any print about it, you would have known...

this movie really sucked

By Movie geek 1997
The first time i watched it with my sister i came in where the scary parts were at. Then i watc hed it with my little brother and i realized how the heck did i get freak out by this movie. It was not...

So much better than PA or Blair Witch

By ru2bsi
I had no idea what this was about going into the screening. Surprised at how smart and interesting the story was. It was funny, interesting and intricate with surprising twists and turns. The gal...

I need an exorcism to get this movie out of my head

By geckits4301
Awful. This movie isn't really worth the typing that I'm doing right now, but I feel obligated to atleast say something. Don't say you weren't warned....

Please stay home - do not even watch on cable

By A Stray Dog
I created this account just to try and save one person the waste of time and money I just went through. I went to see this movie with my daughter and she agrees. We were highly disappointed. Many...

Five Word Review

By Silverdropstang
CopyCat Paranormal Activity Wanna Be...

Five Word Review

By orangejelibeanz
Number One Comedy ofthe Year...

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Rated PG-13 | For Disturbing violent content, thematic material, terror and some sexual references
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Common Sense Media says Tense "documentary" has some blood, lots of scares.
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