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By ValRod123
Written July 07, 2010
M. Night Shyamalan disappointed the real fans of the original anime series. He added unnecessary changes to the movie and left out many important key aspects that made us fall in love with the original anime series in the first place. This movie discourages us to watch the next movie that will follow this series (Book: Earth). We are hoping that a more compassionate director will take over and replace some of the cast members. If you haven't seen this movie yet, we are suggesting that you wait until it comes out to rent from the $1 Redbox at any local Safeway Select. Concerned Fans, G&T
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By bluelightning13
Written March 19, 2016
I really liked the movie, and really liked how the movie went faster then the anime. While I liked the story in the anime, it moved at a snails pace. I stopped watching it [the anime] because of of this. So when the movie came out, I was really happy because I could have the airbender story line, (with GREAT special affects) but without the long drawn out making-you-go-to-sleep-and-when-you-wake-nothing-has-happened anime. I HOPE THERE IS AN AIRBENDER 2 !!!!!
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The Last Airbender Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written November 01, 2014
12 out of 100 I've loved the series but the movie is at total waste of time. It's is hella boring. Even though it is action-packed but it's so dull you'll fall asleep in the first 5 minutes.
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Butchery of a Beautiful Series, Mr. "What a Twist" strikes again.

By DahBigFish
Written July 03, 2010
Anyone who has ever watched the original animated series will be horribly disappointed by this film. If the casting controversy and lack of East Asian actors in the film weren't bad enough M. Night's complete disregard for everything this series was supposed to stand for is painful. By throwing everything the creators had painstaking researched to the wind and giving it a cheap "M.Nightifcation" the deep Buddhist and Taoist symbolism that made the cartoon's mythology so powerful is lost in the muddled two hours of vapid, lackluster blah. The characters are completely flat and one dimensional and we find ourselves unimpressed and apathetic to them. Plus the dialogue is horrible and despite lead Ringer's martial art skills he delivers his lines like a child reading a book report to his class. Ultimately M. Night's ego and inability to honor anyone's creative skills but his own leave the viewer feeling as though they've been forced to watch a toddler finger paint over the Mona Lisa
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By awesomemovie
Written March 19, 2016
Like i said this movie is trash. It is so stupid and dumb. never see this CRAP
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