What is Up with the Average Fan Rating????

By stormyblueseas
Written July 01, 2010
Okay, first of all, if you are a true Avatar Last Airbender Fan, you would not insist on others going to see this film. The action was atrocious, and the script was a horrible summarization of the first season (a.k.a. book one). Characters names were mispronounced constantly which detracted from the "viewing pleasure" as well. The film was a huge letdown based on the expectations that fans had for the film. It is a story that should have been "cake" to transcribe to live action, but somewhere along the way, something happened . . . something bad. . . . something VERY bad. I don't know if it was director's artistic rights, or just maybe the people that were hired for the job . . . I have no idea. But one thing I think the fans will demand an answer for is HOW IN THE WORLD DID THE PRODUCERS ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN???? The entire theater (sold out showing) of this film "booed". Some walked out. Huge let down. Not worth seeing in theaters, not worth adding to a DVD collection
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Very Intense 3D effects, Cool Actors

By alaskat2001
Written November 13, 2011
Good real life applications to a fast moving action-oriented story, but not as funny as wanted. Aang should be "AANG"!!! Needs more time for further character relationship building...maybe next time...
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I Cried 3D Tears

By Kibouhou
Written July 03, 2010
I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. Usually, when there's a film adaptation of a series, the story is thrown out (Prince of Persia). Instead what you get is a mediocre movie (Prince of Persia) loosely based off it's original work (Prince of Persia). Airbender challenges this by sticking with the story, blow-by-blow (in a frenzy) while failing in almost every other aspect. You name it, it's bad. I only have 1000 characters, so I don't think I can fully cover everything, so I'll just try to list what's good. The scenery. No joke, that's the movie's only redeeming feature, the pretty backgrounds. Also some the 3D effects were impressive, but most just fall short. The movie aside, the 3D was a joke. Almost nothing was in 3D, and it felt as if it just detracted from the experience. $250 million and this is what you come out with M. Night. I'm speechless.
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Great Movie!!!

By Maintos
Written July 01, 2010
I've just returned from watching the midnight premiere of this movie and I must say if you like the animated series shown on nickelodeon then you'll love the movie. I don't usually write reviews after I've watched a movie but this movie left a great impression on me so I would recommend it to anyone of all ages.
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HUGE mistake letting Shyamalan make this movie

By Bingbongchong
Written July 11, 2010
I loved the series and was hoping for the best, despite poor reviews by the critics. I should have listened to them. Shyamalan changed the story, the personalities of the characters, and even their race!!! The movie was completely disjointed, didn't explain or lay a basis for half of the storyline. If you did not watch the series, some of the jokes didn't even make sense! I heard a person behind me explaining things to his friend throughout the entire movie. Other than the special effects, this movie was a waste of my time. By the way, 3D was an extra waste of money, since it really didn't make a difference. If you still have to see this movie, wait and rent it at home. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!
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