The Kite Runner Synopsis
After spending years in California, Amir returns to his homeland in Afghanistan to help his old friend.
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Kite...Takes Flight

By gasparm
I am so happy that I went to see The Kite Runner, having never read the bestseller on which it was based, I did'nt have a clue as to what it was about. I originally thought it was a children's...

The Kite Runner

By kdanie2
Very good movie; great storyline, great acting, very moving film...

The Book is more descriptive and an original

By lisacaprelli
I wanted to see The Kite Runner after reading the book (I couldn't put down)while on vacation. Not many books can make me cry or it in my soul; however this one did. It is amazing. The movie is...

The Kite Runner

By jcloizides
I have seen all the Oscar nominated films this year....No Country For Old Men will probably win..but if my heart and soul were voting i would choose this film as the best i've seen in a very long...

The most important story

By Babzuptown
I was somehow unprepared for the power of this movie. I was caught up, like a kite, in the magnitude of the humanity. While I watched much of the film with angst on my face or tears running off my...

Kite Runner

By sashabug
Read the book and then go see the movie! The writers did an amazing job of staying close to the script and i loved. The whole theater was in tears by the end....

The Kite Runner Sustains Its Power

By phoebegirl
Some movies make us reexamine our lives by illuminating the darker forces embedded in human relations. Callousness, shame and regret are among these. Only the unwise person can claim no such...

next year

By Fudgemasterroks
i think nothing!!!...

The Kite Runner

By mmhenze
Total masterpiece....

The Kite Runner

By albech
Absolutely followed the book. Can't understand why the book was number 1 but it hardly made it to the theaters. Wonderful movie....

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Rated PG-13 | For strong thematic material including the sexual assault of a child, violence and brief strong language
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Common Sense Media says Best seller-based drama has harrowing moments.
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