A Buddy Movie of a Different Kind

By jsingah
Written December 29, 2010
I was surprised to find myself laughing with delight at so much of this film. The performances are full of charm, across the board, yet they are also deeply felt and profoundly real and powerful. Colin Firth, one of my favorite actors, is brilliant as King George VI. You feel with him throughout the entire film, even when he's being a royal ass. Geoffrey Rush gives a nuanced and delightful performance that is supporting in the best sense of the word and Helena Bonham Carter is the essence of what a royal wife and mother of her time should be. Did I mention the film is funny? Really!
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Perfect Film!

By bastett
Written March 29, 2011
After suffering through remakes and horrible indie films for 5 years I was waiting for something original or at least good! In comes the Kings Speech, which was adapted for the screen from a play about King Henry the 5th (right, the 5th?).... who just so happens to have a problem speaking. Problem, right? Well, enter Geofry Rush to solve the delehma and the whole film just unfolds in layers. No wonder it got the best picture for the Academy Awards (still liked the Social Network more). The film is amazing and Colin Furth is just outstanding. Coming from someone who suffered from studering and speech for years this film is just worth the watch.
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Well Made

By Coola49
Written January 10, 2011
Im a 13 year old girl and i went to see this movie on a whim with my mom. i didnt really know who or what it was about untill i was sitting in the theater. rating the movie R was COMPLETELY wrongthere is one scene when the king says lots of curses but not worth an R ratingits a bit slow and drags on at times but has a nice ending and makes you think. id go see this movie if you like history
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Blown Away!

By anonomyus
Written December 25, 2010
This has to be one of the BEST movies I have ever seen. Colin Ferth and Geoffrey Rush were amazing. The movie is close to 2 hours long and the time will FLY by. I'm not one to see movies more than once, but my wife wants to see it, and I'll be in line right next to her buying my ticket...It's that good! If Ferth and Rush don't win an Oscar for their performance and the movie itself doesn't win best picture, I will be shocked! Spend the money and go see this movie!!!!!
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Royal Movie

By KjunBoy
Written December 27, 2010
Definitely Oscar material... I could even see a tie between Firth and Rush! Also gave me new respect for Firth... and Helen Bonham Carter pulled off a role I thought she couldn't. All in all an exquisite film.
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