Five Word Review

By lolibug
Written November 22, 2010
helena was AMAZING as always:D
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Worth Seeing

By kwdorst
Written July 31, 2015
This was one of the better movies that I have seen. It shows that once you set your mind to something, you can accomplish just about anything. The acting was great and so was the set work.
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G-g-g-go! S-s-s-ee th-th-this Muh-muh-Movie~

By keithdtaylor
Written December 20, 2010
Slow to build, and not as climactic as you would hope (wanting to walk out emotionally moved), the acting by all -- Firth, Rush, Carter - was superb and capitvating. The factual storyline (i.e., the King's little girls are the current Queen and her sister) made it easy to feel so pained for the King and the Royal Family. Nevertheless, I only wanted more of a crescendo on how strong the relationships were or how convincingly the King overcame his obstacles and inspired and calmed his nation under the stresses and fears of World War II.
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Superb in every aspect

By ptrahan243
Written August 01, 2014
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By Just Mike
Written December 13, 2010
on our way to the theater we were involved in an auto accident and did not get to use our fandango printed out ticket. Can we still use this ticket?
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