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By scruggbo
Written August 28, 2016
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great film

By guslightyear
Written December 20, 2010
The King's Speech is one of those movies that leaves you with a good taste in your mouth. Why? you enjoy a good ensemble cast, which are powerful in the performance of real historical figures. This year I wish and I hope that Colin Firth wins the Academy Awards, he deserve, but also is his chance to the claim what he must collect last year. Jeffrey Rush is stupendous he is one of those supporting character that you wanted to see over and over again. Helena Boham Carter, is great as well.The movie is dramatic, funny and also encouraging. In so many ways. How succeed when you are a person that is self taught, how two different status of the society can collide and become united and also how the power of the words can change the course of history. Nice piece of filmmaking, beautiful directing, editing and music. A true movie gem.
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The King's Speech

By anmagana
Written December 21, 2010
Colin Firth deserves an Oscar for his performance as the stuttering King George VI. Geoffrey Rush is funny and creative as his speech therapist. Firth must have spent months perfecting his facial expressions, pre-stutter, stutter, post-stutter, and everything in-between. His incredibly realistic characterization of the scared, abused, stuttering king was amazing. It reminded me of Dustin Hoffman's performance years ago as an autistic person in Rain Man. But I think Firth's portrayal is more subtly powerful. The storyline, pacing and visuals were wonderful too.
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By kpl76
Written August 31, 2016
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a little gem

By nycfilmlvr
Written November 29, 2010
The people who rate this "so-so" must go for the blockbusters. This is a rare treat - a touching, human story, perfectly acted and directed, Nothing over the top, just a well-done, adult movie.
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