The King's Speech

By abg2573
Written December 06, 2010
Fabulous work. Very entertaining. Acting superb
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See This Movie

By MaximumFaximum
Written December 29, 2010
Wonderfully executed period movie, with outstanding performances by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. Firth's portrayal of Britain's George VI's stammer is moving and sympathetic. Rush's performance as his unconventional speech therapist and eventual friend, Lionel Logue, is authentic and palpably rich with detail. The film moves with great ease over the roughly 15 year time period in which George transitions from being the brother of the presumed future king and ne'er-do-well, Edward VIII, to Edward's abdication and George's assumption of the throne. George's struggle with his stammer, brought on by a sense of inadequacy, rooted in the uniquely wretched childhood of a young British royal, are marvelously detailed and masterfully set against his profound sense of duty to his country, as it prepares for war against Germany. With Rush’s help, George triumph’s over his demons and leads his country to victory . . . and this movie, to a standing ovation. A certain Oscar winner.
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Flawless Masterpiece

By jimschneider41
Written December 26, 2010
Superb, outstanding, the perfect storm of talent, writing and direction. This is a must see and should garner many awards. It does not get better than this film.
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There's your Oscar!

By charris1966
Written January 06, 2011
This is a phenomenal film. From the first moment Bertie opens his mouth to speak, you absolutely ache with pain, grief, fear and sympathy. The only comfort he or we (as the audience) have is in his loving wife, Lady Elizabeth. Through unconventional and sometimes comical means, Lionel Louge unravels the source of Bertie’s stammer and develops a friendship that lasts the remainder of their lives. In this film we find that the life and subsequent responsibilities of a Royal can be quiet agonizing. From what could’ve been tragedy, came triumph as King George VI overcomes to lead his country into and through WWII. Colin Firth delivers the performance of his life. Helen Bonham Carter portrays Queen Elizabeth with perfection and Geoffrey Rush never disappoints. This is the best film in years.
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Five Word Review

By johnchar
Written January 07, 2011
story line very well done
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