King's Speech

By Mawari
Written November 29, 2010
Excellent Acting, Excellent Story. Moving, Insightful struggle of a man to master his limitations. Many insights deliivered with proper British reserve. Camera work and setting were spot on. Also an fascinating insight into the Royal Family and Edward who abdicated the throne for Wallace Siimpson.
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Finally, a good movie this season

By kdittmann
Written December 27, 2010
I've been to see almost every other "great" movie out during this season of Academy Awards, and all of them fell (very) far short. This movie was simply great. Good acting and a good story (even if it is true). My 24 year old son and I were both engrossed. If you are disappointed in all the other "good" movies this year, see this one. It will bring back your belief that some of them still know how to make a really good movie.
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Long Live The King!

By danzengal
Written January 09, 2011
II have not been able to stop talking about this movie! Whether or not you are a history buff or Anglophile the movie stands alone on the merits of the screenplay and the acting. The solemn understated tone of the entire ensemble piece is poetry personified. Each character embodies their role as a second skin. The compatibility between Collin Firth (always one of my favorites) and Geoffrey Rush both as actors and as characters is verisimilitude to the nth degree. I will see this again on the big screen merely to breathe in the atmosphere of intelligence and compassion portrayed in this bigger than life portrayal of suffering and triumph. However, I will own this movie as an integral part of my examples of how great actors become their screen/stage personas in a seamless melding of craft and soul.
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The King's Speech

By rutherford
Written December 07, 2010
Beautifully portrayed with important historical relevance—a docudrama of sorts—that would be important to educators starting at the high school level. The film is deeply touching with an appropriate dose of humor.
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Five Word Review

By jennj99738
Written December 27, 2010
Best Film of the Year
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