Very good movie, with a strong message.

By SimonTylers
Written February 11, 2011
This is a truly inspiring movie, and I LOVE Geoffrey Rush. Especially lovd him as Barbosa in POTC. Truly inspiring, if you haven’t seen, watch at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] . com
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What a gift from Hollywood for the Christmas season.....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written December 17, 2014
....and a movie that gave one of few perfect movie-going memories. Please forgive me if you have already read this in my top ten movie note...but I can't help sharing it here. The King was about to give his WW11 speech. I sat literally at the edge of my seat,holding my breath,feeling like I was there,at the onset of this period in history and eagerly awaiting the Bertie's words..I shook myself out of it,and looked around,thinking what an amazing moment this was in film viewing history and every member of the audience that i could see were mesmerized and waiting just as much as I was. Firth was unbelievably compelling,and tears come to my eyes even remembering it right now. Impeccable acting throughout,and I want to note Guy Pearce's performance as well. Being a smaller role,he isn't getting much mention,but he handled his role brilliantly. What a film. I NEVER thought it would be such a visceral experience and highly recommend.
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The King's Speech

By Augenblick
Written December 14, 2010
A wonderful film! Colin Firth does a superb job as the frightened and tormented Prince of York who becomes King George VI just as WWII starts. He convinces you just how severe and paralyzing his speech impediment was. His stormy on/off/on relationship with speech therapist Lionel Logue reveals some of the possible "environmental" causes behind the condition and the surprising and fascinating "credentials" of the therapist. The sequence of events that eventually creates a strong bond between the King and Lionel is the main dynamic at work in the narrative, and it makes for a gripping tale. The lively chemistry between the king and his therapist makes for theater at its best. Although being reminded of the beginnings of that horrific period in history is always a somber experience, in the context of this story one is truly uplifted by the personal triumph of King George VI, even as Europe is plunged into war.
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By cheekychelton
Written March 08, 2011
Intelligent, well written, wonderful performances by Colin Firth and Geoffery Rush (who I think deserved the supporting actor Academy Award) this film describes the incredible struggle of the man who would become King George VI to overcome his lifetime struggle with his speech impediment. Also focuses on the relationship with his "peculiar" speech therapist Lionel Logue, who wants "Bertie" to realise that he doesn't have to live in the shadow of his father or elder brother; and the relationship that comes of the one born into royalty and the commoner. Just an overwhelming feeling of exhuberance at the end of absolutely the BEST picture of the year. Finally a movie where the "words do the talking." See it again!
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King as good as the Queen

By Mister Right
Written December 26, 2010
Once again the British gives us commoners a peek behind the palace walls and once again it isn't very pleasant. At least, this time we have a hero who isn't a complete jerk (King George) unlike his daughter as portrayed by Helen Mirren in "The Queen". The jerk in this flick is his brother David who abdicates the throne for an American trollop. The king studders in the day(before WW II)when all radio broadcasts were live. Colin Firth protrays the King and Geoffrey Rush plays the speech therapist and both do an excellent job. The class system and the snobbery are all here and the only thing that breaks it down, if only for a moment in time, is the threat of war.I also want to mention that once again Guy Pearse gives another great performance as the love sick brother David. How Russel Crowe became a bigger star than Pearse I'll never know. Finally, If you want to see one of the few adult movies out this X-mas season-go see "The King's Speech".
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