The Kings Speech - BEST MOVIE of the YEAR!

By reallyrednails
Written December 14, 2010
The Kings Speech is the rare film that grabs your attention from the beginning scene and doesn't let go all the way thru to the end. Amazing acting from all the principals, especially, of course from Colin Firth. Firth gives a terrific performance that pulls you into his life as the Duke of York and later, as the reluctant King of England. His terror at public speaking and attempts to overcome a major speech impediment is totally credible throughout. Helena Bonham Carter is excellent as his wife, giving him loving support yet never giving up on her desire to help him overcome his dilemna. Geoffrey Rush is outstanding as the unorthodox speech therapist enlisted to cure the Duke/King. The costumes, sets and pacing are all excellent. Don't miss this movie!
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The King's Speech

By jbird5156
Written January 09, 2011
This movie will be remembered as one of the best historical movies ever made. The character development from the child actors all the way to the character of King George V was first rate, with outstanding performances by Geoff Rush, Colin Firth, Michael Gambon, Helena Bonham Carter and Derek Jacobi. Rush and Firth create a memorable friendship relationship on screen from rejection at first to deep friendship at last. Gambon was perfectly case as the overbearing father / King. Carter was brilliantly adorable as the beleaguered prince's devoted and loving wife. And Jacobi was well-cast as the priggish, stickler-for-form Archbishop of Canterbury. Even the actors' glances and facial expressions in response to events / lines were spot on. The costumery, sets and locations were well thought out and made for a visual feast. All of which says this great movie was well-directed and produced. I will own this movie on Blu-Ray when released. Don't miss it!
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Five Word Review

By Cassysj_movie
Written November 27, 2010
Colin Firth is amazing Fabulous
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Best Movie of 2010

By hiltd
Written January 09, 2011
I watch a lot of movies from silly gross out movies to Sci-Fi to dramas. This movie was hands down the best one I saw all of 2010. Not a false moment in this movie. The ending which was subtely enhanced by the music score was stunning. Clearly Oscars for best movie and best actors all around. Colin Firth and Geofrey Rush are superb. The acting was restrained, dignified and nuanced in ways that you don't see as much today. Truly a movie that leaves you wanting to no more of their relationship.
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love it

By mvlvr5632
Written December 21, 2010
great acting, great directing, great music, great film!! Oscars : best actor, best supporting....teens and up went with a 14 year old who said it was best movie of the year
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