Excellent acting and well-paced, but a bit too reverential

By siren1
Written January 03, 2011
The King's Speech was very well-acted and written, and moved very smoothly. However, like many British films, the director tended to treat his protagonists too heroically. Also, the film failed to point out King Edward VIII's Nazi sympathies, in that he and his wife even met privately with and saluted Hitler himself. The movie was quite enjoyable while watching it; but it was pretty conventional movie-making and thus not particularly memorable the next day.
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By godstevies
Written January 02, 2011
The cast, the story, and the winner is The King's Speech. Colin Firth plays frustrating, hopelessness, into eventual pride to perfection. Helena Bonham plays supporting, faithful, into eventual pride to perfection. Mr. Geoffrey Rush, one of the greatest actors of all time, does Mr. Logue a great service with his portrayal. This movie is a true contender come awards season.
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Unexpectedly awesome!

By rice161
Written January 07, 2011
This is not my normal type of movie, but I love Colin Firth, wanted to go to the movies, and no other movie interested me. I was so pleasantly surprised. This movie is funny yet also interesting. The historical view that the movie fits into is unexpected but makes it easy to remember that this really happened! I definitely recommend this but watch the language!
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The King's Speech

By goforit_movie
Written December 29, 2010
Fabulous acting and tells a good true story. This movie can be enjoyed by any age group and should be shown in schools as a history lesson.We thoroughly enjoyed it, and more pictures shoudl take a lead from The King's Speech with its quality and non-violent persona.
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Five Word Review

By rusty willis
Written January 03, 2011
Oscar Storytelling Character Charm Fun
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