Wonderful movie

By fjsn417
Written January 26, 2011
It's a definite MUST SEE movie with a super cast, well acted and moving story.
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The King's Speech review

By wesleymcintyre
Written March 02, 2015
Truly, an amazing movie. The directing, acting, and screenplay was by far the best I've seen in 2010. This movie deserved every award it received.
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My review about The King's Speech is?

By jwelch5742
Written August 22, 2012
It got great screenplay and Colin Firth's performance is the best and excellent film.
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Five Word Review

By MrsMish
Written November 15, 2010
Colin Firth deserves the Oscar
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An unusual movie: intelligent and emotional

By zeidman
Written December 23, 2010
The King's Speech has everything a great drama should--great characters, great actors, great direction, and a great script. Most writers take a shortcut, relying on cliches, stereotypes, and audience expectations and, in my opinion, always disappoint. They're requiring the audience to do their job. The King's Speech is one of those few films that actually develop the characters, even the minor ones, and does so wonderfully. Through small actions (the king stuttering through a story to his daughters, for example), we understand this man more and more as the movie progresses. The dialog is clever and never trite or attempting a cheap laugh or shock. There's no sex scenes or car chases or even war footage to give a cheap thrill and fill in empty spaces. While this script and the direction is so good it probably could have been a good movie with unknown actors, the exemplary cast makes it an extraordinary film.
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