By pedsarq
Written June 22, 2014
3 young boys with painful home lives flee to the woods and build a house to hang out in. They even establish a code to hunt and gather their own food. But, primarily this is about gaining freedom from society and parents. It's a great movie that surprised me a lot.
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Kings of Summer - a good alternative to the block-busters of summer

By rbeldin
Written June 17, 2013
Kings of Summer was a solidly made and acted movie about three young boys who escape their families for the summer. It was quite funny in parts, with the whole audience bursting into laughter at times but there were matching moments of great tenderness and sorrow. It felt like an indie film with good production values. It isn't low-brow, and it isn't high-art, but well-worth watching.
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By cinehawk
Written June 08, 2013
Myth, parable., good story telling and a little reality come together in a terrific coming-of-age movie. The film reminds adults of the angst, complexity and discoveries of being 15 while it affirms the teen age belief that most adults are clueless. The cynical and the mean-spirited are the only groups I can imagine not enjoying this one.
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Growing up is hard to do

By smcarriere
Written June 09, 2013
And this film captures that experience well with great characters, a fun summer adventure plot line, and really neat cinematic scenes of the boys being boys. Can be a little slow and reflective at times, but we all probably need a little more of that in life. Overall good movie.
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A pure piece of indie gold!

By MoviefanLucas
Written June 02, 2013
I had the chance to see this movie at an advanced screening and I am glad to say that long drive was well worth it. This movie could've honestly been one of those stupid teen movies but it couldn't be any more of the opposite it is actually really deep and has messages while being one of the funniest movies I've seen this year. Biagggio played moises arias is probably the funniest character I have ever seen in my life he is so odd but you love him and he was played perfectly. the rest of the cast was good but her and nick offerman are the only people that really stood out to me. What really surprised me from this movie was how good the music was there was some hip hop that didn't feel odd at all because by the time it played you knew why it was playing if that makes any sense. Like I said before this movie is very realistic and it should be viewed multiple times I think this might possible my favorite indie movie this year I give the kings of summer a 8.5/10 go see it!
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