The Kingdom (2007) Synopsis
Federal agents seek a terrorist cell in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
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This one Rocks!!!!

By jgarduna
Go see this one! I got to go see this one about 2 months ago at a pre screening Everyone in the entire place loved it, action and emotion with a point. This really is a must see for any one who...

Intense Respect

By nerdcola
I'm not into military or political topic movies but this was a serious kick in the teeth. Painting the picture for everyone to get a glimpse of the culture and power of both our love and hate of...

The Kingdom is Exhilirating!!!

By MamaMashie
The acting is gr8!! the plot moves at an exciting pace, I have not seen many movies w/ Jamie Foxx (he is a fantastic, as is everyone else) the last 20-30 mins had me excited, scared and on the edge of...


By The Roo
If you are concerned about the world we live in, you must see this film. You will be shocked, angered and relieved. The emotions run high and the violence is real and in your face. It's the world we...

the kingdom is the real deal

By dmac2000ws
watching the movie within the first 15 minutes took me back to when i was in iraq in 2003 from the barracks to the american compounds usually frequented by brown and root workers, the acting was...

This Is Real Life!!

By davemanbme
WOW! The Kingdom made me really open my eyes and see what we are truly up against in our fight against terrorism! I sincerely believe that this movie shows us what our military and our government are...


By sherriaalbu
This movie was way to violent!!! The trailers were to vague on the violence that really was at this film. I was very close to walking out but I was in to small of a theater, it was the worst...

Must See

By schmeddy49
I have always believed that if you are going to send men and women into harms way, you better be able to watch a movie like this. Is this a movie for the whole family. NO! It lives up to its...

It's An Ok Movie!

By tlmac1952
The movie was OK...I thought the acting was pretty good. The first half of the movie is a little slow but then it builds into a sit on the edge of your seat ending but then you are kind of let down...


By xxkarmaxx
The kingdom wuz awsum i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!...

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Rated R | For intense sequences of brutal violence, and for language
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Common Sense Media says Intense, bloody look at Mid East violence.
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