The Kid With a Bike Synopsis
Abandoned by his father, a young boy finds himself left in the charge of an unqualified caretaker.
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This Turbulent Drama Loses Nothing In Translation.

By Al P
It may be French and subtitled in English but this is well worth its ticket price. The protagonist player (the kid) basically carries the screenplay but does a fine job regardless the language of his...

250 Blows (or maybe 600)

By kkampsch
Kid with a Bike is, first of all, gripping. The Kid is, like M. Leaud, a scene stealer, not deliberately, rather because the acting is so natural. Every moment he is on the screen, which is almost...

Reality brought to the screen

By aletaqueen
At first glance it's an ordinary story about ordinary life events. Story boils down to ... Boy's father leaves and son doesn't understand why. What made it powerful was its ordinary-ness. It is so...

Had high hopes

By alisab63
I was looking forward to catch this movie after seeing the previews but was a bit disappointed. Very slow. I caught myself checking my phone a few times throughout out of boredom. This was the...

something different

By hellokitty56
not predictable it makes you think not a cute little moppet tugging at your heartstrings but an angry kid in a terrible situation and you end up rooting for him all the way realistic and believable...

Dardennes stay on theme

By awhittak
Another of the Dardenne brothers depictions of the tenacity (often wrong-headed) of neglected and abandoned children. Looking at the film as a part of a series with La Promesse, and L'enfant (with the...

The Kid With a Bike

By Peneflix
This Belgian film was one of the "darlings" of the Chicago Film Festival (October, 2011) and absolutely warrants its plaudits. Glittering copiously with the gems of a fabulously fine flick:...

Wonderfully sensitive movie

By Reagleplayer
I saw The Kid With A Bike with 2 friends and we all loved it. Very interesting story, and not predictable at all. The acting and directing were great. The little boy was very natural and...


By frascati
Simplistic script, average acting. Could have been less than an hour movie....

entirely disappointing in plot, script, score, etc.

By rafsanjani
entirely disappointing in plot, script, score, etc....

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Rated NR | For Violence, Brief Language, Thematic Elements and Smoking
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Common Sense Media says Downbeat but powerful drama about childhood and love.
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