The Judge / To Kill A Mockingbird Synopsis
This is a double feature of THE JUDGE (2014) and TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD.

Movie Reviews

The Judge

By gerjosr125
Robert Duvall gave an understated, stellar, heart warming performance in "The Judge". His performance was much about the expression in his eyes and imo the role/performance is more of a leading role...

The Judge/To Kill a Mockingbird

By mad2671
No one has give more consistently authentic and uplifting performances than Robert Duvall --throughout his career. I can think of few things more enjoyable and enriching than seeing him in person and...

Great performances in a hallmark movie

By chuckfilipov
Robert Downey and Robert Duvall turn out compelling performances. The actor part of me thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Terrific work all around. The plot seemed largely expository, with more...

Just awesome!

By manuelbambu
Good movie to see with a stubborn dad!...