One of my favorite movies of all time

By prismacolorpie
Written April 27, 2010
i loved this movie so much!! slightly reminded me of American Beauty and its equally as good. I fell in love with this movie in the first 5 minutes. The acting was sublime, the writing was utterly perfect, the cinematography was flawless. There is nothing that I would have changed in this movie. Not really a movie for kids, but a must-see for anyone 16+ The best movie I've seen in a while.
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Very entertaining

By happinss_always
Written April 19, 2010
The cast was excellent and the story line all too true. May be painful for some to see themselves. I highly recommend it for all ages. Can be a real eyeopener for kids.
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Five Word Review

By tbder
Written March 30, 2010
insightful comedic entertaining enlightening awesome
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Five Word Review

By mad_max1999
Written March 31, 2010
Funny Smart Sexy Funny Duchovny!
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You should go. You know you want to. Everybody's doing it. Serisously, though, go see it.

By thejeffersonlee
Written April 20, 2010
Though I am still unsure as to weather the film was speaking out against unbridled consumerism, or if it was only a cleverly disguised feature length advertisement, I can positively say it was worth the $9 to see it. It's clever, witty, and charming, which is what you would expect from a movie base on self advertisement. The cast, however, is what really sells this movie. David Duchovny wins with his personable charm and charisma, but he received some help from the always-refreshing Demi Moore, who gives her own strong performance as the successful-yet-lonely ad-gal whose family "unit" forces her to deal with more than just her job. Amber Heard plays the promiscuous daughter with a taste for more mature things, and while she always appears beautiful and put together, her character is almost anything but. If this film suffers from anything, it may be a slight case of the predictables. But, the "industry" might argue that predictability is what people really want...
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