By JLinneball
Written June 26, 2010
It's stupid, but intentionally so. It's some of Steve Martin's best early film work. It picks up on some themes he developed in his standup comedy and runs with them. It's not intellectual humor, but if you like silliness, this one's for you! Some of the humor is adult, with sexual gags (but no actual R-rated sex) and swear words. Most kids over age 10 would already understand the jokes, but if you're a parent who doesn't want your kids hearing that sort of thing, leave Junior at home.
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The Greatest Jerk There Ever Was...

By Reesuh
Written November 29, 2007
Steve Martin plays Navin Johnson, a white man who was raised by a loving - but dirt poor - black family. Navin gets along well with his family but he doesn't fit in. (As displayed by his inability to keep rythym with their soulful singing.) When the nieve Navin decides to leave home, the adventure truely begins. This rags to riches to rags story follows Navin from working in a gas station to becoming a mulitmillionaire and everywhere inbetween including joining a carnival, finding his "special purpose," and falling in love. You'll fall in love with him, too.
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