A Romantic Drama

By Daydream
Written October 06, 2007
This movie is definately in the right genre. This is no doubt a romantic drama. It takes you through the lives of five women and one man who are all struggling with their relationships and create a Jane Austen book club to let go and to try and find answers from each of the books. I havent read any of Jane Austen's books, but after seeing the movie I wanted to read at least one if not all. They review and talk about one book each month with each other and tie their life stories into their reviews of the book. After the movie I was telling myself... "you want, expect and know what is going to happen" Even though this film is predictable it is well acted and you can no doubt relate to one of the characters. Take your girlfriend or wife. I have a feeling they would love it.
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A wonderful Movie about Real People

By korourke
Written October 09, 2007
I loved this movie and contrary to my nature would love to see it again! I am a chaplain at Stanford Hospital and have met and heard enough stories about people's lives to feel that the portrayals of the people is this movie were quite realistic. I loved the way the movie started with a tension created by intolerance for one another and hidden agendas. By the end of the movie the characters were transformed into truly affectionate comrades. A great message for what we all have to offer one another when love and empathy is allowed to prevail. By the way, the movie was also very, very funny!!
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Real men dig Jane

By Mr.V60
Written October 09, 2007
I guess ," Me Tarzan, you Jane" really applies here. I'm a guy and really liked this flick. Even decided to read "Persuasion" (Austen's last novel). Nice story, well developed, feel good, pleasant ending, and unlike most film drivel these days, I was required, , and gladly obliged, to actually listen to and interpret int elligent dialogue. This movie is not for nitwits, or lovers of action flicks( or whatever you're calling yourselves these days). Go see it!
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Good turned sappy, predictable with "Happy" ending

By cinema_lvr
Written October 21, 2007
The movie begins with high energy though a bit shaky as though the writer didn't know how to introduce the characters to us. Then the movie shines with interesting characters in typical lives making judgments, deciding, trying, hurting, all that life has to offer. It works, at least until the end where the last 10 minutes was written for the Lifetime Network. The ending is so implausible, that the few ending story lines that seem plausible are diluted by the improbable ones leaving the viewer feeling like they were transported from a good piece of film to a lesser, forgettable and cheap feel good film. If you have to have a 100% happy ending, then this movie is for you. If you're looking for something that's complete, grounded in some reality both good and bad, look elsewhere.
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Fan review

By cinemagirl1
Written October 20, 2007
Simply suberb. Not especially a chick flick but something for everyone. The characters lives really did echo Jane's books. The actors are all superb and very believable.
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