The Italian Job Synopsis
British crook (Michael Caine) has computer expert (Benny Hill) jam traffic for caper.
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By punkmastertoast
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By ~liz~
i thought it was AWSOME!!! it was good, it has a good solid plot, the actors where awesome, and they really got into the characters!...

Awesome Action

By GuitarKid
The Italian Job is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is one of the few movies whose remake is better than the original. This movie has on of the best storylines of any theft movie. It has...

Italian Sweetness

By psycho350
This Movie Rocks! i love how they show usefulness for mini coopers!!! this is recommended for anyone with a thrist for speed, handling, and outwitting!!...

Italian Job

By elaine2715
Love this movie! Fast paced , keeps your interest until the end. Enjoy all the characters and the actors did a great job....

Great remake

By redyeah
It has so many of my favorite actors, I had to love it. Charlize is gorgeous, Mos Def is hilarious, as is Seth Green, Wahlberg and Norton do action with the best in the business ans Sutherland is a...

Worst Movie Ever!!!!!!!!!!!

By simonhater
The plot doesn't even make sense and the actors are terrible without any emotion and a terrible script. Also, I fell asleep during the begining but then had to watch it again for my friends birthday...


By glxy

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Rated G | For Mild Violence