Iron Lady

By kcommander
Written January 16, 2012
Worth seeing for those that lived at time of Thatcher. Peroid specific. Those that did not live at time of Thatcher may not be able to fully understand or view in context.
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Great acting, bad format

By hms6
Written January 31, 2012
We were rather disappointed in this movie. Meryl did an awesome job, however, the format was really distracting. This movie seemed to be about the decline of great public figures (not a story of the first lady Prime Minister). This movie focuses on Margaret when she is in her decline and uses flashbacks to tell the story of her youth and seasons as Prime Minister. Unfortunately the flashbacks get distracting and don't tell a cohesive story. In addition, the historical footage (which should have been so key to the story) are without context. Overall, we were very disappointed. This should have been wonderful.
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Schizophrenic Screenplay

By IWantMyMoneysWorth
Written March 02, 2012
An overly meloncony movie that schizophrenically couldn't decide whether to depict the maladies of old age or tell the life story of an important historical figure, so it oddly did both, leaving it all up to Meryl Streep who totally channeled both Thatcher and demensia, and brillantly delivered on each. An important opportunity to explore and celebrate the life story of an amazing woman was lost, but an oscar-worthy performance by another amazing woman was gained. "Must Go" for Meryl, "Oh No!" for the lousy story-telling/screenplay.
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Must See...History Repeats

By ronalvarado
Written January 15, 2012
Great acting, but beyond that, what a commentary on the world and US today. We're a mess, without good leadership, and that was England when Thatcher came along. Great parallels. Lots of moving commentary on the sometimes debilating affects of growing old, but likewise, great commendary on a brave and determined woman who lead Britain at a time when decisive leadership and resolve was so important. Just what we need now in the US.
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The Ion Lady.

By moved
Written January 17, 2012
We saw the Iron Lady, and altho Meryl Streep was superb, I felt it was difficult to follow, with switching back and forth from the present to the past. It just seemed a tad disjointed to me. Having met the real Iron Lady, I felt the portrayal was probably the very best that Streep has done. Magnificent performance.
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