Mixed feelings about this movie

By ptaz
Written January 15, 2012
At first I didn't want to see this because I feared that it would be a hatchet job on Ms. Thatcher. The woman was incredible and I didn't want to see anything that didn't do her justice. At my husband's urgings, I decided to go. I hated the flashback method of telling her story and felt it was a little short sided in this wonderful woman whose leadership took Britain out of the worst modern recession and miserable unemployment at the hands of the trade unions. They left out a lot of her relationship with Ronald Reagan which was key to her story and forgot a quote for which she is best known. "The problem with socialsm is that eventually you run out of other people's money." Streep did a good job with the material, but I just felt it painted Mrs. Thatcher in an inaccurage light and was more politically correct than correct. I was getting annoyed with all the dementia cracks and flashbacks. It took away from what a great lady did.
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Easily one of the worse movies ever.. acting fantastic though

Written January 23, 2012
What a way of destroying one of the most important characters in history... congratulations to Merryl Streep for the acting (really remarkable) but the story plot even if true is really bad. She had so many great things to be remembered by ... not this one for sure...
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oscar performance by meryl streep!

By rapatalo
Written December 31, 2011
A great character study of margaret thatcher. the movie humanizes her, especially as she struggles with old age. meryl streep has another virtuoso performance BECOMING margaret thatcher. she picked up her accent, mannerisms, and gait.
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Amazing Performance

By kpharmer
Written January 23, 2012
Meryl Streep is absolutely amazing in this role. Margaret Thatcher is not a person for whom I had much admiration, but she was complex and interesting. Parts of this film made me teary, parts made me furious, and parts were simply entertaining. I highly recommend it.
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Notes for a bio

By NeeliAaankhen
Written January 01, 2012
Absolutely go see this for the pleasures of Meryl Streep's performance. It is really too bad none of the possible themes of the story were developed - as much as you can say about what it's "about," beyond the brilliant performance, is -- Margaret Thatcher did an unusual thing by becoming the first woman Prime Minster, eventually she got old and somewhat demented, and she probably had a nice relationship with her affable husband, played by Jm Broadbent, as, in the film, he is an active presence in her mind after he has been dead for some time. -- VK/Gramercy Park
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