The Iron Lady Synopsis
Margaret Thatcher (Meryl Streep) becomes the United Kingdom's first female prime minister.
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All About Meryl

By mpanyc
Meryl Streep is astonishingly good as Margaret Thatcher. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie doesn't match up. The film is entertaining, but a bit all over the place. The flashbacks to Thatcher's...

Iron Lady

By janncoles
Enjoyed the magnificent performance by Meryl Streep. Wonderful character study and portrayal of dementia's toll, but not certain that I know much more about Margaret Thatcher as a leader....

Another Meryl Streep tour de force

By sfk1017
Once again Ms. Streep shows what real dramatic talent is all about. She completely inhabits and is Margaret Thatcher. The stridency, ambition and forceful personality is on the mark, not to mention...

Iron Lady

By flick_schtick
Meryl Streep's acting ability and appearance as Margaret Thatcher is superb, what else is new ....despite a long and tedious story that depicts Thatcher in her declining years, repeatedly having...

Iron Lady

By stornay
Meryl Streep did an amazing job! Jim Broadbent was also wonderful. The film is a highly interesting character study of an important historical figure and definitely worth seeing....

Meryl Meryl Meryl

By Nacho Baggo
Streep completely engrosses herself into being Thatcher. A perfect performance and I now have her in the lead for the Oscar over Michele Williams' MONROE. Meryl fans, Thatcher fans, and Oscar fans...

Where is Meryl

By xchadster
From the makeup to the subtle nuance of her gaze or her walk, Meryl is virtually undetectable as she portrays Lady Margaret Thacher. Her performance is brilliant. The movie highlights all that is...

the Iron Lady

By aegerter
How the story is made up with Flashbacks from the aging Mrs Thatcher is not correct and an inhumane treatment of the former Prime Minister, the first woman as head of government in a western state....

It's All about Meryl

By angelasc53
Meryl, Meryl, Meryl what a fantastic job. It was her movie. She is Margaret Thatcher from the first frame until the last...An amazing performance and let's not forget Jim Broadbent who played her...

moving, and wonderfully performed as predicted

By johnnyblee
Meryl is a master.... so it's not surprising to see everyone rave about her performance in this film. Whether or not you'll appreciate the film's unique take on the latter/declining years of a...

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Rated PG-13 | For Brief Nudity and Some Violent Images
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Common Sense Media says Streep is riveting in well-acted but underwhelming biopic.
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