Their Eyes Were Dry Event Synopsis
Musical performances and a screening of the documentary ``Their Eyes Were Dry.''
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This will be the best documentary made in years

By eaglebass51
I am so looking forward to seeing this film. First of all, no one seems to know about the tragedy that took place in Israel in 1974 involving school children being held hostage by terrorists---so...

Their Eyes Were Dry

By Marlenew
I can't sat that I liked the film because it was very upsetting. This was an event in the history of Israel that I never knew about, and therefore found extremely interesting. Thank goodness for the...

Their Eyes Were Dry

By surfside
I was very impressed the way the dilm ws presented and the ending of music was wonderdul. I do wish you had done more advertising for there were only 18 in the audience. More like that....

their eyes were dry

By sophisticated_viewer
great and moving movie!...

My eyes were NOT dry after this movie!

By AnnaTsirklin11
I just came back from Israel, so before the movie even started I was getting emotional. I didn't know what to expect but as the movie played out, using different ways to describe what had happened I...

Their Eyes Were Dry

By reelred
Extremely moving - Emotionally impacting - I was sorry that more people did not come out to view the movie. While the massacre occurred over forty years ago, it is a topic that is still relevant...

Their Eyes Were Dry

By dlepoff
This film was especially interesting for us, as we have a daughter, son in law, and 5 grandchildren who live in Ma'alot, Israel. Two grand daughters attend the school where the massacre occured in...

Their Eyes Were Dry

By charbossel
This film about the 1974 massacre of school children at Ma' Alot, Israle is a graphic portrayal of Arab terrorists having no regard for the lives and safety of children. This massacre occurred 32...

Their Eyes Were Dry

By blucroo
Excellent documentary. Very moving. Did not need the Cantor's concert after. It took away from the feeling at the end of the movie. Perhaps show that at the beginning....

Their Eyes Were Dry

By dogbone66
This film was a documentary which was interesting and interviewed actual survivors of the event. Many of the survivors spoke only Hebrew which necessitated subtitles, so there was a lot of reading....

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