What parents need to know

Parents need to know that The Invisible Woman tells the story of Charles Dickens and his love affair with a woman he was forced to keep secret. There's a disturbing shot of a dead bloody baby following a miscarriage, plus a train crash and a bloody head wound. Two sex scenes are shown, but are mainly suggested by moaning and heavy breathing rather than any nudity or sexual images. A woman is briefly seen naked from behind, and there's a scene in an alleyway with prostitutes who say "a shilling a blow." Unfortunately, even teens who are interested in Dickens will probably get very little out of this superbly designed, but tepid movie.
  • Families can talk about relationships and marriage. How have the rules and traditions of marriage changed since the time depicted in this movie? How would this movie's story have been different if it happened today?
  • The movie contains some disturbing scenes of violence. Were these scenes necessary? How did they affect the overall movie?
  • How much did you know about Charles Dickens going in? What did you learn? Does the movie make you want to read more about him? Or read his books?
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