The Invisible War Synopsis
A filmmaker explores incidents of sexual assault within the U.S. military.
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See the Invisible War!

By mbonny
Excellent, eye-opening documentary about the alarmingly prevalent incidence of rape among our US soldiers. A call to action!...

This is a must see

By lousalome
incredible indictment of military negligence and sexism. Could make more of the rape of men in the military--all done by heterosexual men, who of course don't see their actions as homosexual but...

The Invisible War

By Skylar123
This movie was the most unbelievable eye opener ever. The reality and the pervasiveness of the sexual brutality going on in the united states armed services is beyond comprehension. The ABUSERS...

The Invisible War

By Shawnfkane
Great movie! Needs to be seen by every professional officer and non-commissioned officer in the DoD. This movie exposes a serious leadership void in certain units in the military. It is incumbent...

do not miss it

By cinefila_amorir
This documentary should win an Oscar. I am happy it has been nominated. You will be outraged and angry, and I hope a lot of people in America get outraged and angry, so that we finally do something...

movie review

By johnny one note
Very powerful and important movie; a great documentarian!...

Excellent documentary about the military's sttempts to cover up sexual assault in the military.

By StevieGJD
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