c this one!!!

By shaqueque
Written April 26, 2007

i watched this movie this weekend cause my dad was a part of the making or new someone who waz and it wazz really really goooood!!!

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Ghost remake with a twist

By Magma X
Written April 28, 2007
Dennis Quaid, Demi Moore and "Ghost" come to mind when viewing this movie. Instead of grown ups, The Invisible handles death and whatever there's in between through it's two teenage main characters, Nicolas and Annie. While Nicolas is still the 'good guy' Annie is a combination of the 'bad girl' and (it is she whom eventually becomes) the object of affection/catalyst if you may, of understanding, forgiveness and love beyond the body and beyond life. I enjoyed it and would recommend it short of 'must go'. Go for it, it's money well spent.
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As good as I expected it to be

By Niek
Written May 27, 2007
The Invisible is a very decent movie all-around. Not wonderful, but far from bad. The acting of lead Justin Chatwin is what really surprised me--incredible. Believable, deep, everything you'd want out of a movie like this. Something else that caught my attention is how the world around Justin Chatwin's character (Nick) reacts to everything he does in his ethereal form. The laws of "Spirit World to Living World" interraction is very unique from other Sixth Sense-ish type films, like this one. The Invisible gives out a good message at the end and Chatwin's character is just overall VERY likeable. You really -want- him to survive.
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By LOTRfreak08
Written May 05, 2007
i dont understand why every1's reviews are bashing this movie so much. it was sooo much better than i expected (and i expected it to be pretty good). im very picky with my movies, but this is by far the best movie i've seen in a while (i haven't seen spiderman yet). i cant wait 2 c it again (in theaters) & buy it. the "slow" parts were interesting instead of boring, the music was great, and there was a great theme. this movie was very original and had me on the edge of my seat. it was so worth while. GO SEE IT...NOW!!!! :)
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By mohegan
Written April 29, 2007
I WAS SERIOUSLY FOOLED BY THE TRAILER. You start rolling your eyes when u figure out the direction the film is going after the 1st 20 minutes. The trailer makes It sounds like its supposed to be a murder he must solve before lifting his spirit from limbo but it's really him chasing around his cast members trying to alert them of the fact that he's still "kinda alive". The ending that I will not give away is foolish, predictable and un-fulfilling. The characters, particularly the bad girl bully and the best friend traitor were both not believable characters. The acting was stale, but i think it was due to a dumb script. The wardrobe of the bad girl, particularly the black skull cap was annoying and i HATED IT when she removed the cap during the "awakening dancing scene". Just trust me...IT IS SO NOT WORTH UR MONEY...THERE IS NO SURPRISE ENDING...NO DEEP MEANING OR IMPACT OR COOL THEORIES...JUST AN INCOMPLETE COULD HAVE BEEN COOL CONCEPT.
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