The Invisible Synopsis
A man is trapped between the worlds of the living and dead.
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c this one!!!

By shaqueque
i watched this movie this weekend cause my dad was a part of the making or new someone who waz and it wazz really really goooood!!!...

Ghost remake with a twist

By Magma X
Dennis Quaid, Demi Moore and "Ghost" come to mind when viewing this movie. Instead of grown ups, The Invisible handles death and whatever there's in between through it's two teenage main characters,...

As good as I expected it to be

By Niek
The Invisible is a very decent movie all-around. Not wonderful, but far from bad. The acting of lead Justin Chatwin is what really surprised me--incredible. Believable, deep, everything you'd want out...


By LOTRfreak08
i dont understand why every1's reviews are bashing this movie so much. it was sooo much better than i expected (and i expected it to be pretty good). im very picky with my movies, but this is by far...


By mohegan
I WAS SERIOUSLY FOOLED BY THE TRAILER. You start rolling your eyes when u figure out the direction the film is going after the 1st 20 minutes. The trailer makes It sounds like its supposed to be a...


By chicagobullsguy
First of all, the movie was slow. There was no climax or exciting thing that happened throughout the entire movie. The acting was decent but nothing to call the award commissioners about. Overall,...

this looks awsome

By grindhouze23

Listen to "Mohegan" a couple comments below me!

By honestmusicfan
Oh this was just terrible!!! I've seen this trailer in the theater since fall 2006. I was REALLY excited because I thought the main character was going to try to solve his own murder, sort of like...


By panzeepower
I thought the movie was riveting. It stayed with me. It may not be the greatest movie out there, but I'd say it's worth seeing. I enjoyed how Annie's feelings had turned around....

Holy Wow !!!

By cka51966
A must see !! This movie moved me and shocked me. Took my 12 and 16 year old to see it today. All 3 of enjoyed this film ^^ ...

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Rated PG-13 | For for violence, criminality, sensuality and language--all involving teens
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