The Investigator Synopsis
A detective becomes a high school baseball coach after the most important investigation of his life.
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The Investigator

By real3fan
A movie that is not just to entertain but it also challenges the viewer to think for themselves. Everyone has adversity come into their life and the main message of this movie is that you have a...


By ll2cooldudes
This is a great film with a very powerful message. If you have not watched this film you really need to take the time to do so. All the actors were great in this film. I would like to give an extra...

Great Movie

By michaelwmandarino
I got to see a Pre-Screening of this movie, and I can not wait until I can see the real deal this weekend!! When you are a Christian or a Non-believer this movie is for you. It takes real life events...

The Investegator

By mrnat1
Gripping true story which runs your emotions from tears to laughter, anger to joy. Refreshing to view a movie without special effects and vulgar language in a desperate attempt to "catch" you...

Inspirational and well done indy!

By missmollyana
You MUST go to this movie...and bring your friends and family. It is family friendly. It just may change your life! I saw it at the red-carpet premiere and was blown away!...

Great Movie

By rboll
IT is so good to see a movie with such a positive theme. I really enjoyed the movie and was so glad my daughter and her boy friend were able to join me....

Great Film!

By thezachmanisback
The Investigator does a unique job of showing the personal development of characters and their 'Investigation' of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. A great film to bring your friends and family to and...

The Investigator

By jaybeth7
GREAT movie! I hope it will come to theaters in our county; we had to drive over an hour each way to see it, but it was worth it. I want to buy a copy of it, when it is released....

A Must See Movie - Loved It

By camparsc
We all enjoyed this movie. Very well done and the first movie in many years that interested us enough to go back to the theater to see a movie on the big screen. This movie is highly recommended for...

The Investigator

By cmcadle
We loved it and we are going again this week to another theatre to see it again with other family members. It's about time they made some decent movies. We are definitely interested in purchasing the...

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Rated PG-13 | For A Scene of Violence and Some Drug Material