The Invention of Lying Synopsis
In a land where falsehood is unknown, a writer learns to lie for personal gain.
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Absolutely don't let bad apples ruin it for you

By gim73
There is alot of hate being written about this great movie. Mostly religious folk are upset because in a world without any fiction whatsoever, religions can't be started. This is a clever movie that...

Religious commentary parading as a comedy--waste of time and money

By hollywouldnt
I went to this movie expecting something more along the lines of Liar, Liar--just straight up comedy. I hardly expected it to turn into a tirade mocking Christianity. As a Christian, I generally just...

Clever, Funny, good date movie

By HowdyQuinn
Many of the negative reviews of this movie need to be written off because they're reactions from those who cannot handle that the movie takes on religion as a lie. If you realize this is just a...

Really people???

By Dmmac80
First off not one of my all time favorites, but it did make me laugh a lot. The first 30 are the funniest string of humor. But the movie does a good job throughout to find absured ways to make some...

I was NOT amused...A romantic comedy without the bad ratings for sex and violence...should be ok..right?

By whitema
WRONG!! This movie is so, so wrong! It's a not so sublte, atheistic propaganda vehicle. The message is that God is simply a lie that we tell ourselves and our loved ones to provide comfort and relief...

I thought it was vey funny! people are too uptight.

By watson1
I'm surprised to read so many bad reviews. I thought it was an extremely funny movie. Although I'll admit that one of the first things I said to my husband upon leaving the theatre was, "I'll bet it...

Five Word Review

By redyeah
Little flat but still funny...

The Invention of Lying is a lie

By jimjoel49
Ricky Gervais lied to us that this was a comedy about the invention of lying. The truth is Gervais hid the fact that this movie was a comedy about attacking God. Never once in the advertisement or in...

Anything to make a buck

By mrcburns
Although I admit there were laughs, I found this movie offensive to the core of my faith. The beginning of the movie started out ok, then rapidly went down hill. There is humor related to the...

Don't believe the bad reviews

By nichirensman
I set up an account just to rebut the bad reviews for this film. It is made to make you think. The subject matter is graphic and blunt in places to contextualize the parallel world where no...

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Rated PG-13 | For language including some sexual material and a drug reference
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