A remake classic *One Spoiler Below

By Donnie Darko is Dead
Written August 15, 2007
I grew up with the (1978) Sutherland version, which was a nice remake itself to the 1956 original. This new remake is great. It has a perfect mixture of suspence, humor, action and drama to keep you entertained. Kidman proves herself again to be a great actress in suspence movies (Others, Dead Calm) and her co-star, Daniel Craig, is wonderful as her side-kick. The movie has some great scenes. The editing/story-telling of the movie is usually, but it works, and adds an fresh update to a classic movie. There are no Alien Pods, but the movie works without them. I would highly recommend thi s movie if you like 28 Weeks Later or the Faculty. It was fast paced, with great writing, and acting.
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Third time is Almost a Charm ...

By raceinsider
Written August 20, 2007
You know, I've read every one of the reviews and inspite of the obvous negative reviews becase the reviewer liked the original 1956 with Kevin Mcarthy or the 78 version with Sutherland and Goldblum..., I have to say that this was worth the money. The no-no and no reviewers just don't like remakes. I really thought it was entertaining ... suspensful in some scenes and mild in others ... Kidman did a very nice job as the psychiatrist/whistle blower for the movie .... the twist is a bit different on how the 'virus' was contarcted and spread but good ... adding Veronica Cartwright from the 78 version was a nice idea as well. I would go and see this for yourself ... good for the whole family (maybe not under 10 ) great date movie !!...my only complaints is that there wasn't more to it ... I don't mean cheezy CGI, just a bit more ... ) 8^)
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Written August 18, 2007
Loved this Show! It was a great RE-MAKE. I say a must see if you love the suspensful keep you watching but wrenching your hand Suspense. Nicole Kidman did a GREAT JOB! A MUST SEE. Note: Not for kids under 13 - images are lasting and their are some GROSS things. So 13 and up. :)
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The Invasion

By silentstills
Written August 17, 2007
Primarily wanted to see this because I am a fan of Daniel Craig. Was not aware that Jeffery Wright was also part of the cast-another of my favorite actors. Interesting to see how the old movie had been updated, and the fact that it ends on a hopeful note. Good acting-such as it was-not that the actors were bad, but that the script was pretty predictable-the word trite comes to mind. As I generally go to see films to be entertained-this was pretty good entertainment.
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By ScixFi_chick
Written August 23, 2007
I seriuosly thought that, that was one of the best movies ive ever been too and i know im going to be the first one to buy it when it comes out on DVD I loved it ...But it's definately a movie to go see with a friend to hold your hand when your scared.... ScixFi_chick
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