The Intouchables

By wkr@themovies
Written August 06, 2012
Loved it...loved the feeling i had coming out. I laughed ....the theatre laughed and we all applauded at the end. Try to not miss it. True story about the wonder of friendship.
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By Peneflix
Written June 12, 2012
Without a doubt the finest film of 2012.... It conquers, surpasses, breaks the barometer of perfection. Based on a true story combining pathos, pain, humor, levity but primarily a portrait of love, acceptance, inclusiveness; it sings and dances joyously to your spirit; rarely do you leave a film feeling enriched, enhanced, a better person because you have been privy, blessed in witnessing the transformative power of friendship; friendship that gloriously transcends race, class, education...."The Intouchables" touches sensitively on the vicissitudes of being completely dependent on another human being; what most of us take for granted eating, bathing, dressing, Philippe, needs, relies on Driss. Brilliantly depicted, without a fraction of bleeding histrionics , these challenges are met without loss of dignity; acceptance, without whining or ruing one's fate. I truly loved this rousing, exhilarating, harmonious portrayal of incandescent happiness. for full review visit
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A film almost everyone should see!

By pbgrapes
Written September 13, 2012
This film was recommended by a friend who's opinion we value on all things artistic and aesthetic. We adored it. I felt as though I had spent the afternoon with good friends, with interesting backgrounds, and whose joie de vivre is infectious. I wanted to stay for the next show, but my wife insisted that we had other pressing matters. Good news though - our daughter is coming home tomorrow, and she wants to see it with us! Ca gaz, ca roule!
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Loved it!!!

By firstrunonly
Written June 24, 2012
We went because the fans said to go and the critics said so-so. Usually that means at least a B movie with the fan being right. They were soo right. We loved it from the openng scene through the final scene. All three of us gave it a solid 10. There was so much to enjoy about the movie we loving every aspect. The laughs were totally unexpected and came throughout. Every character did a great job to tell a story that may have been told before but not with such humor and a different kind of love. For subtitle haters not hard to read at all. Just see it and you should agree that it is one of the best movies this summer. I hope it is in a theater near you.
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The Intouchables

By cwexler
Written August 13, 2012
Very enjoyable. To some, subtitles might be a turn off, but after a while you forget all about it because the movie was so good. Not to be missed. The one hour and 50 some odd minutes, flew by!
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