By rwnyc7711
Written June 04, 2012
Without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable movies of the last decade. No exaggeration! This ranks as the second highest grossing film in French cinematic history but surprisingly, the US reviews have been very mixed. This extremely well-written screenplay mixes as much humor as we have seen in several years with a poignancy and tenderness that is also very heartwarming. Do not hesitate for a minute if you want to thoroughly enjoy yourself.
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By monsita1910
Written June 04, 2012
heartwarming, inspiring. for those who say this is an "uncle tom" movie, they are missing the point. these two characters are full of flaws and virtues and certainly were able to learn from each other and contribute to each other's happiness. the supporting characters also are excellent, both in their acting and what they contribute to the human spirit. the cinematography as well as the music are beautiful. highly highly recommend it.
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This is life!

By jshama711
Written May 30, 2012
It was a special movie about human connection and the impact we can have on people.
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Love it a lot!!!!

By aksenovya
Written May 28, 2012
Great Movie! Simply awesome! It really touched me..Must see!!!
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By Peneflix
Written June 12, 2012
Without a doubt the finest film of 2012.... It conquers, surpasses, breaks the barometer of perfection. Based on a true story combining pathos, pain, humor, levity but primarily a portrait of love, acceptance, inclusiveness; it sings and dances joyously to your spirit; rarely do you leave a film feeling enriched, enhanced, a better person because you have been privy, blessed in witnessing the transformative power of friendship; friendship that gloriously transcends race, class, education...."The Intouchables" touches sensitively on the vicissitudes of being completely dependent on another human being; what most of us take for granted eating, bathing, dressing, Philippe, needs, relies on Driss. Brilliantly depicted, without a fraction of bleeding histrionics , these challenges are met without loss of dignity; acceptance, without whining or ruing one's fate. I truly loved this rousing, exhilarating, harmonious portrayal of incandescent happiness. for full review visit
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