The Intouchables

By 1nikiyaonly
Written July 29, 2012
This movie was fantastic. My date and I thought we would be bothered by the subtitles but it did not take away from the humor in Omar Sy's character. The movie was believable and enjoyable from beginning to end! A must see.
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Feel good movie of the summer.

By why_me
Written July 02, 2012
Sometimes people will meet who enrich each other's lives, sometimes a movie gets made about it that will enrich yours.
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A beautiful movie...really well done from all aspects

By tusseyd
Written August 11, 2012
I was cautious going to any movie with subtitles, but The Intouchables won my heart. Great movie. What's with the French and great movies these days?
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Great Movie

By fashionmoviediva
Written July 05, 2012
This movie was fantastic. A must see for anyone who wants a close up look at human interaction that makes you both laugh and cry. This was a feel good movie and judging from the faces of folks leaving the theater everyone enjoyed themeselves. I'm going to see it again.
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Very funny, unusual movie

Written June 26, 2012
Extremely funny movie about how two disparate people end up helping each other. Only criticism I have is that the background of Driss, the companion and aide, could have been fleshed out some more. Otherwise, it's a wonderful film about how the spirit can overcome any disability, whether social or physical.
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