loved, loved, LOVED The Internship

By rhondalouden
Written June 10, 2013
Just funny. Just works. Total entertainment throughout. Our whole theater laughed out loud throughout and even applauded the movie. Vince and Owen are hilarious but also the others in the movie, especially on their team and the other Google employees. Want to go back already and see it again.
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Not just a comedy!

Written June 13, 2013
A modern day feel good movie about fitting in and figuring out how the real world actually functions! Great cast and concept! Don't be fooled by the trailer, this is more than just a little comedy. You will find yourself cheering on your google team!
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For sure go!

By ChinaRider
Written June 08, 2013
No idea what the critics are thinking, maybe get your heads out of your collective arses! Academy award winning, nah, but a feel good, hysterically funny make you think movie...sure is! Whole audience was laughing. Combo of Vince Vaughn (a fav) and Owen Wilson do it again!
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Pleasant surprise

By monty269
Written June 10, 2013
After reading the reviews from the "experts" we went into it with low expectations. Especially after hearing a review on the radio two hours prior where the critic said she didn't remember laughing out loud even once. So not true! We laughed, chuckled, and smiled through the whole movie. Though the under-dog story line was predictable, it was nice to spend a couple of hours being entertained by a comedy that was funny without resorting to vulgar pranks to get the job done. With saying that, I guess I'm officially old! Fun movie!
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Movie had heart

By mattstorms
Written June 09, 2013
I liked it, good plot, great characters and overall it had a good sense to it that I really liked. I would take anyone to see this.
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