Enjoyable two hours

By jed44444
Written August 31, 2016
I really enjoyed The Internship - I really like Vince and Owen, and they didn't disappoint in this one. Everything you want in a movie - comedy, romance, surprises, "feel good when you leave the movie" feeling - not critically acclaimed, but who cares? Go see it!
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Bad Movie

By cmoreheadjr
Written July 24, 2016
Bad Movie, Jokes were played out, lot's of lone dialogue from actors. Lame plot. Same stuff as Wedding Crashers, different topic, some unemployed thirty somethings, trying to get it together. Good Luck
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Can't redo a classic

By malayshamiranda
Written October 28, 2016
So I think the plan was to make another epic film like Wedding Crashers. Well they tried. The Internship had a few who has but all because of Vince Vaughn. I pretty much can't remember any thing that stands out in the film to make me want to see it again and I wouldn't want to buy it on DVD.
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By findjcr
Written June 09, 2013
First of all it is BORING. We walked out. Nothing funny, attempted humor is almost all sexual and crude, just not funny. Waste of money and don't even consider taking kids.
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Fun and Modern

By celinatk
Written August 29, 2016
A great movie! Example of the digital world taking over and old grown-ups being put away like a bunch of disabled geese!! And Google is a great example of modernism!! Almost the whole world uses google. But only people being born with Google and digital things from birth have a chance of earning money! Thousand thumbs up!!
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