Just call it "Google - The Movie"

By Jvine2001
Written June 23, 2017
To put it straight, this movie was a predictable, unfunny, 2-hour advertisement for Google. It doesn't matter how much chemistry Vaughn and Wilson have together, they couldn't save this thing. A lot of the important stuff about the actual internship was glossed over for scenes of pointless partying and going for the hot girl. It being a very predictable film that maybe had a few chuckles here and there, coupled with its bloated run time and characters that made me want to punch them in the face, I was very bored watching this movie. That being said, it had good intentions with a good heart for teaching motivation. But still, everything about this movie made it a big NO.
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Warm, Funny and Entertaining.

By Al P
Written June 07, 2013
Google? Now there's a novel setting for a film. It plays funny enough but the big plot device here is the team buddy competition. With hard play on the age gap, this script works well enough with this cast. Vaughn and Wilson manage to pull off supremely goofy, since it is after all, their best "typed" characters as actors. This one's no blockbuster but as film comedies go, it works. Comedy in general is a tough gig but in the movies, it either works or it doesn't, as much the skill of an editor as the cast itself. You're likely to see other films that strike you funnier than this one but this effort does have its own unique charm. See it. It's worth the ticket price and you won't be disappointed, so long as you're going in prepared to laugh.
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Surprisingly witty and inspirational!

By PlanoRobbie
Written January 20, 2017
Vince did an amazing job creating this script for the movie. It is knee-slapping funny (yes, I am one of the older fans!) and extremely poignant. It was eye-opening to get to see what a "new-generation" mega company like Goggle is really like from the inside. It was quite impressive. Of course, a lot of the "high tech" references went CLEAR over my head, but, I was encouraged to see generations inspiring and teaming up to work together! Owen and Vince together are quite a team! And thank goodness, not quite as over the top as Wedding Crashers!
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A mildly entertaining attempt to squeeze every last dollar out of this couple

By firebirdude
Written January 20, 2017
Entertaining like a 20 year old episode of Seinfeld I've seen 200 times. Still watchable and enjoyable, but nothing that I'll be cracking up about. I can't even say "this movie has its parts," as I don't think it did. It was just very middle of the road, bland, and 5 / 10 the entire ride. If it wasn't for the two or three F-bombs in the movie, it would be suitable...and enjoyable... for any age group. I see it more of a kids movie than an adult-humor movie. Though I tried not to walk in with a predetermined image.... its nothing like Wedding Crashers. There's no one-liners that we'll be saying around the water cooler the next morning. I'd pass on it. You won't be missing anything.
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Enjoyable two hours

By jed44444
Written April 27, 2017
I really enjoyed The Internship - I really like Vince and Owen, and they didn't disappoint in this one. Everything you want in a movie - comedy, romance, surprises, "feel good when you leave the movie" feeling - not critically acclaimed, but who cares? Go see it!
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