The International DOTA 2 Championship Synopsis
Fathom Events and Value invite you to watch live as the top two Dota teams from around the world complete to win the largest cash prize in eSports history at The International 2015 Dota 2 Championships.

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onlly thing better than watching a dote is rippin' a dote

By onizuka1
pittner and clown9 have fallen, mostly due to not picking bigdaddyn0tail's perfect meepo. Secret and feedteezy are out due to the ruskys....who will reign supreme? THE BOYS in blue, PPD and co...


By Averagejoegamer22
Would 322 again...

Its like you are at the real event!

By mjas19114
I couldn't make it to Seattle but this was the next best thing. The large screen and sound was superb and I hope this event comes back to theaters!...


By donuts26

DotA 2 TI5 on the Big Screen

By jnavarra41
It was awesome, being able to get together with like minded people to watch an event we were all psyched for! Attendance was minimal, only ~40 people, but it wasn't very heavily advertised, and even...

Amazing Expeireince

By cplumlee
I was able to watch what is my equivalent of the super bowl, on a massive screen, with all my friends. I also was able to meet new fans and the energy in the room was great. It was the first year an...

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