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An Interpol agent and a U.S. prosecutor join forces to shut down a bank's funding of terrorism.
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Feb. 12 - I just attended the advance press preview of this suspenseful high-quality sleek movie starring Clive Own and Naomi Watts - good chemistry. I was thoroughly entertained for the entire 1hr...

Not Very Good

By bases1616
I am a big Clive Owen fan and my wife and I had a chance to watch a early showing of The International last night. To be frank, it sucked! At first it looked like it was going in the right direction...

An International Thriller

By Nightshade32
The International delves into the world of banking and brings to life a darker side of the finance business . The movie keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as the characters Louis Salinger,...

Good Thriller

I enjoyed "The International" very much. It kept me on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next. They also showed the neat cities, countries and towns around the world, such as Berlin,...

Although an 'R' rating no worries of any sexual content...just good clean gory violence etc

By Dark_Chameleon
This was well received from the half ful theatre (which is saying something for a friday matinee) and nobody walked out or sighed as too many do as of late with the mundane list of recent movies (save...

More intrigue and thriller than action!

By TDK in Dallas
I thought the movie was great. I was expecting a completely unbelievable piece of crap because of the reviews and the previews, but it was good....

Another solid action movie for '09

By JDB728
This is yet another quality action film in this early season of '09. We've yet to see any great or instant classic action movies yet, but it's got off to a good start with nothing but solid...


By billymayes01
wanna go see a good movie? then DONT go to this one! this movie is so terrible i think it gave me cancer. half way through i got up and yelled "DONE!" ): this movie will kill your grandmother. if...

Most People Stumble Over the Truth and Wonder on Their Way Unaware....

By ShinesomeLight
This movie is AWESOME because, the director/producer obviously did his or her home work about the inner working of the Banksters..... Anyone who has studied the "Money Masters" "Money as Debt" and...

The International

By Patster
I was somewhat disappointed by this movie. It has some great actors in their roles but it was a very very slow movie and seemed much longer than the 1 3/4 hr movie that it was. Hard to follow....

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Rated R | For some sequences of violence and language
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Common Sense Media says Gritty '70s-style thriller is cynical, grim, and violent.
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