The Innkeepers Synopsis
The last two employees of a century-old haunted hotel go on the hunt for ghosts.
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By sgtpeppers

Should have kept it in the can...garbage can that is.

By Celtikknyte
I bought. I saw. I want my money and that part of my life back. This movie from benign start to absent ending was a no scare crud fest. The story was totally plausible and could have been a decent...

A good, old-fashioned ghost story

By Zippy_the_Pinhead
A word of warning: this movie is not for the "Saw," "Hostel," or "Final Destination" crowds. This movie moves at a glacier's pace, but it is all in the interest of establishing character and it is in...

slow build- no pay off

By mediagurugal
Lead character acts like a 9 yr old. This film isn't arty enough to be an art film....


By Joewiz
It's creepy, slightly scary and suspenseful. This movie is a fun watch....

the innkeepers

By ualpacman
Horrible and complete waste of time. Save yourself the trouble and skip this stinker....

The Innkeepers

By huntney
This movie was a complete waste of time!! It was so bad, it was comical....

Ghostly History? Yay!

By InternalGrace

By mikechumpchange

One for the horror fans

By azac1025
This movie was quite enjoyable. I have heard a lot of reviews of it being too slow and not enough spooks. But I disagree. I felt that this movie kept me on edge and had subtle scary moments that...

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Rated R | For Language, some sexual references and brief drug material
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Common Sense Media says Well-crafted haunted hotel movie has drinking, some gore.
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