The Informers

By brettlovesthemovies
Written April 29, 2009
after reading some of the reviews for this film, i have to ask...did anyone know anything at all about this movie before you saw it? I knew going in that it wasn't gonna be all that good. I knew it was hardcore with drugs, sex and nudity. And I went anyway. People need to educate themselves about what movies you are going to see, otherwise you should just stick with the obvious fast & furious or hannah montana. in other words...if you have never heard of it, you are probably going to be too closed minded to appreciate it.
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a waste of time

By magikman44
Written March 26, 2009
saw it at sundance film festival, went the waitlist route to get tickets about two hours, wasn't worht the wait
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Maso Menos

By hollygolightly1
Written April 29, 2009
Having read the book, I was thrilled when I saw a preview of the film. The screenplay closely parellels the novel, as it should with Bret Easton Ellis one of two screen writers for the film. Aside from that accuracy, the film was just a high patina of nothingness. I didn't hate it, but it was as shallow a film as each character was. Wait for DVD. Disappointing because simillar films, American Psycho and Less Than Zero, portraying the priveleged pissing away their existance were done with much more panache than this film. I'm done.
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By janavegas
Written April 28, 2009
Why we need to travel back 20 years to when AIDS became rampant to tell this pointless story is beyond me. This is more like a reality show of a group of welalthey scum and their kids, heck, that can't even make it to the TV screen it is such a boring topic! This is a true let down by such famous and respected names, don't let the fact the Billy Bob and Kim Bassinger starred in this fooled you. What a total waste of time. Oh BTW , i was mistaken, a story usually have a beginning , ending and something interesting to say. This has none of that!!!!!!!!! What is with the name ? who is informing and what was informed??? Be INFORMED this is a real piece of S---
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Cool Artsy Film

By Lourusconi
Written April 25, 2009
Loved it and the story and acting were great!
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