The Informant! Synopsis
The government goes after agribusiness giant ADM with evidence given by Mark Whitacre.
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The Informant! - what a tall tale! Grade: B-minus. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Thursday 9/10/09 - This first movie preview of this evening that I attended almost put me to sleep in its opening 15 minutes - as director Steven Soderberg tried hard to stamp his caper-style onto a...


By azladyrider
I havent seen the actual movie yet but I lived this while I was working in that small town for that CROOKED and CORRUPT corporation. I know most of the players and TRUST ME on this one, if they made...

The Informant!

By MDiamondMD
Soderburg and Eichenwald's movie is neither fact nor fiction, and therefore both fishy and foul. Using real names from the ADM price-fixing scandal creates a pseudo factuality, in spite of the...

Get me out

By dpbrew
What a waste of talent and time. I would have resented getting this on Netflix, but at least could have turned it off. We got the point and wow was it dull! This movie does not deserve the so-so...

Drier than a box of cornmeal

By ChuckleMonkey
How did this movie get sold to the studio, exactly? "Yeah, we're gonna fatten up Matt Damon, a franchise action star... but if you like jokes about dextrose and lycene, boy have we got a film for...

The informant

By Geezd
Not good at all...

The Informant

By ddallura
This movie did not capture the interest of anyone in my group. It started slow and never picked up....

ok, sorta hard to follow

By Aruba4me
The movie overall was a solid B-. The acting was decent, but I didn't think anything about the movie was "Oscar worthy". I found the story difficult to follow and the first 25 minutes were kinda...


By 214214
a dreadful film in which everybody seemed like automatons. I mean, give me a =break, surely the parents would have noticed their son had a habit of lying! Surely the wife would have registered...

Great movie for the right audiences

By yuvilio
Man, I don't usually write movie reviews but there are a lot of harsh ones for this flick. Upon reading them, a lot of the negatives could have been avoided if people bothered researching the movie....

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Rated R | For language
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Common Sense Media says Playful tale of corporate misdeeds may interest some teens.
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