Definitely Worth Watching!

By cateyes7799
Written February 20, 2017
The directing was very good. The actors convincingly portrayed a variety of struggling inner city characters (including Jeffrey Wright as the war vet and Jordin Sparks as a girl who used her looks and sex appeal to escape the ghetto). Hudson did a fantastic job and was almost unrecognizable as a drug addict mother. The protagonist, Mister, did the best job as a young black teenage male coming of age in a ghetto society cruel to the disadvantaged, and unprotected. Mister was always trying to make sense out of nonsense while clinging to his own escape fantasy of a successful acting career, and coming to the realization that, although he did what he had to over the summer, he was still only a child and couldn't make it alone. Mister and Pete's repeated disappointments were painful to witness. Yet, they clung to any small hope of survival --especially that they would be there for each other even when they could depend no one else (neither addicted/abusive mothers nor absentee fathers).
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Wher Where Where!

By juice234
Written October 27, 2016
It was playing at a local theater in my area but it left and i can't find it anywhere? I work with kids and thought it would be a great see for them, can somebody help!
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The Inevitable defeat of Mister & Pete

By amorrison752
Written April 23, 2017
Love Love Love , a must see , sad but touchin.,I did take my child (9yr old boy) to see the movie, to allow him to understand that he is priviledged and should always be humble and count his blessing , and most importantly never judge anyone , because you just dont know what shoes they wear.... excellent movie and lesson , and i appreciate the struggle as growing up in these kind of neighborhoods are tough but you can overcome all obsticles .... I did !!
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Touching and real.

By jrwarden1
Written October 12, 2013
This movie brought to light the everyday reality of most major cities, and what children are subjected too daily. Raw at times, but touching. I loved the movie.
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The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete

By janaedelbaum
Written October 13, 2013
I have seen it now twice and love it ore each viewing. This is a must go film
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