Hate to say it

By blit
Written May 03, 2008
But this movie is not going to be that great. I think it is going to be a huge summer letdown, and it will fizzle out quickly. Batman is going to stomp this movie, and that is good nes. The Hulk looks like a sci-fi station movie with a story that is getting beat to death. Surefire box office failure with good actors, what a shame.
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This should be interesting

By bigrod1980
Written February 23, 2008
Some one told me they are pretending the first movie never happened and redoing the origens of the Hulk. I hope they do, the first movie kinda sucked. He just wouldn't stop growing, a 20 ft Hulk is pretty stupid. I hear he's going to be 12 or 15 ft in this one. I also think Edward Norton will be a better Bruce Banner. We'll see
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holly crap

By radical pokemon
Written May 11, 2008
this movie looks so freaking awsome
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It's all about the Norton....

By wanabe_critic
Written May 11, 2008
I am pretty sure this movie will not be a great as most would like. A fan of comics, (disappointed in the way movies have been made from comics and have not done justice to the comics...X-men-Rogue is in the wrong generation, Batman-quite a vigilante-but not impressed, Superman-yeah okay, Spiderman-couldn't stand Kirsten Dunst-sad MJ, Ghost Rider-Nicolas Cage-really....they all sucked). I don't expect this to be any better than any of the previous comic to screen movies. However, Edward Norton always delivers great performances. As a faithful follower of the Norton, I will go. I've been disappointed repeatedly by comic to screen movies...I am prepared to not like the movie. Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised (but not betting on it). I will remain immersed in the pages of the comic books. But I will waist my money on this ONE screen adaptaion...for Norton.
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nothing but incredible!!

By thedarKnight
Written June 13, 2008
dont let anyone or any review stop you from seeing this movie....unless you dont like animated violence which is done spectacularly!! the movie was interesting in all aspects, hulk or bruce. edward norton could seriously play a baby if he wanted to, and this movie proves it. he is a tremendous actor, and his supporting cast was great too. and the appearance of mr. stark himself is the cherry on top!
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