By sugarbunnie
Written June 10, 2008
Saw this last night at a press screening, I hated the other Hulk movie ( the Hulk Easter Bunny special - what was with that jumping scene?? lameness), and am not much of a comic book buff (or nerd for that matter), so my expectations were incredibly low for this film. Holey smokes - it was GREAT. Loved it loved it loved it. Dare I say I can't wait for it to come out so I can see it again!? People, no matter how much you wanted to throw baloney singles at the screen during the first Hulk movie, leave the sandwich meat at home. This film will delight and amuse you, and you'll totally want to go back for a seconed round of mean green nyerdness.
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The Big Green Dude Rocks!

By saintandrew
Written June 28, 2008
When I was a dopey fifth grader, before I discovered girls, I spent a lot of time in my room reading Marvel Comics. I had my favorites. Johnny Flame - The Human Torch, The Silver Surfer, Iron Man, and The Hulk. I have been impressed with what Marvel has done to stay true to the comic genre. This one had so much good going for it from the start that I expected it to be great. It did not disappoint! They wasted little with the back story, reviewing it quickly. The Movie got down to business with Bruce Banner's quest to find a cure to his gamma radiation poisoning. Edward Norton does his best acting and William Hurt is compelling as General Thunderbolt Ross. You are on the edge with Banner throughout waiting for him to get "excited" and you genuinely feel for him as he tries finding his way back to normalcy after each episode. The Hulk lives up to his better than the creature morals and makes you cheer in the end as he saves the day. There is a nice surprise in the end for us comic geeks.
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By austin364
Written April 10, 2008
this movie looks sooooooooooo cool
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Louis Leterrier director of Transporter; Are you freaking kidding me?

By MntD
Written March 29, 2008
C'mon, why don't you guys get some one who had actually watched a freaking Incredible Hulk show, or, at least, read the freaking comic. I'll wait for this one to come out on cable. I mean what has Louis Leterrier done; the Transporter/Transporter 2? Way to go Marvel/Universal. Thanks a lot. :( And would you give us a break with all of the corny CGI already, it looks really freakin tacky. Kinda like the Power Rangers series, ya know.
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the greatest superhero movie

By Megatron2007
Written March 16, 2008
new cast, new movie, and does not go with the old hulk movie. thank god. incredible fight scenes, story, and awesome bad guy. 5 out of 5 cheers mate.
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